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Vic Sampling and Processing Manual

Rapid Bioassessment Methodology for Rivers and Streams
Pub. No.:
30 April 2021

This Guideline for Environmental Management (GEM), provides background and comprehensive procedures for the use of rapid bioassessment methods and recommended interpretive tools in assessing the environmental condition of rivers and streams in Victoria. It updates and replaces the Rapid Bioassessment of Victorian Streams (EPA Victoria, 2003, Publication 604.1) and for the first time provides an overview of available DNA metabarcoding advancements to assist rapid bioassessment.

The Guideline must be followed wherever rapid bioassessment is undertaken for purposes required by the Environment Protection Act 2017 including works approvals, licence monitoring and assessment against State environment protection policy environmental quality objectives or the incoming Environmental Reference Standards.

Rapid Bioassessment Methodology for Rivers and Streams can be obtained from the EPA Victoria at the above URL.


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