Getting started with AUSRIVAS Macroinvertebrate Predictive Modelling software is a quick four step process. The links below take you to where you need to go at each step

  Steps to getting and using the software

StepGo to
1. Login using your Toolkit account to apply for model access. Login
2. Download the Macroinvertebrate Predictive Modelling software Ausrivas 3.2.2 Setup
3. Install the software  
4. Consult the software documentation to find out how to use AUSRIVAS Software user manual
Recent changes to the software


Before you start to use the AUSRIVAS Macroinvertebrate Predictive Modelling software, you should read the disclaimer that applies to this software.

  Read the manuals!

You should also refer to the AUSRIVAS Macroinvertebrate Predictive modelling manual for information on using predictive models and interpreting your results.

  Developer resources

You can also access developer resources such as the latest developer release and program change information.