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Freshwater Taxacodes - Victorian issues with running AUSRIVAS models

For running AUSRIVAS models, the old names/codes shown in the table below need to be used for the two families in Odonata that were split. If the new names are used in the laboratory identifications (as they should be), they need to be summed and the old taxa codes used, otherwise AUSRIVAS will not recognise them. Another family changed name but was not split and kept the same code (ie Diphlebiidae used to be Amphiteryigdae). The next version of the AUSRIVAS models will incorporate the new odonatan taxonomy.

Old name Old taxacode New name New taxacode
Aeshnidae QO129999 Telephlebiidae QO219999
    Aeshnidae QO129999
Corduliidae QO169999 Synthemistidae QO239999
    Austrocorduliidae QO279999
    Cordulephyidae QO289999
    Hemicordulidae QO309999

Another problem, albeit a small one concerns Nematomorpha. In Victoria we have previously only recognised one family, F. Gordiidae (IJ019999), when in fact two families may be present. All users of AUSRIVAS should therefore lump the second family with F. Gordidae when running AUSRIVAS models.