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Once you have downloaded a copy of the AUSRIVAS Physical & Chemical Reporting Software, you can begin to install it on your computer. The following steps take you through the process of installing the software.

1. Locate and examine the file you have downloaded

Firstly, note the name and type of file you have downloaded. The name will show you the version number of the software you are about to install, for example the file:

Shows you that you have the Physical & Chemical Reporting Software (Physchem), version 1.0.

Also, the file you download is not the program! It is a self unpacking file that when run, will unpack several files, all of which are needed to run the program. More on this later in this section.

2. Safeguard older program versions

Before you start to install a new version of AUSRIVAS Physical & Chemical Reporting Software, you should safeguard any older versions if you have them. You could do this by:
  1. Moving it to an out of the way folder such as
    c:\Program Files\Ausrivas_Physchem_1-0
  2. Renaming it, say from "Ausrivas_Physchem.exe" to "Ausrivas_Physchem_1-3.exe".

3. Create a folder for the software

If you haven't done so already, create the folder you want to install AUSRIVAS in and move the downloaded file, Ausrivas_PhyschemSetup_1-0.exe, to this folder. For the rest of this guide, we'll assume you want to put the software into the folder
c:\Program Files\PhysChem\

and that the file you have downloaded is called

4. Extract the AUSRIVAS program

The file you have downloaded, "Ausrivas_PhyschemSetup_1-0.exe", is a compressed, self extracting file. To extract and uncompress the program files you double-click on the filename in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

This will create several files in the folder you created in Step 3. The first, Ausrivas_Physchem_1-0.exe, is the program file. The others, all with the extension ".dll" are library files that the program needs when it runs.

Tip 1: If you cant see any files with the ".dll" extention, start Windows Explorer and choose "View all files" from the "View/Options" menu, and deselect "hide file extensions for known file types".

You have now installed the AUSRIVAS Physical & Chemical Reporting Software!

More Tips ...

Tip 2:
This installation doesn't set up any items in your "start menu" or put any shortcuts onto your desktop. If you want these, you can easily set them up yourself. To find out how to put the program in your "start menu" check the documentation for your system - the process is different depending on whether you're Windows NT, 98, 2000 etc. To put a shortcut to the program on your desktop, right click on the file Ausrivas_Physchem_1-0.exe and select "Send to"/ "Desktop as shortcut" from the menu that pops up.

Tip 4:
When all else fails .... first talk to your systems administrator - most problems fall under her or his domain. If your systems administrator believes the problem to originate with the AUSRIVAS program, refer to our help page for the name of someone to contact at the CRCFE.