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Australian River Assessment System, also known as AUSRIVAS, was funded in 1994 by the Federal Government. The prediction system is engaged in the overall assessment of the biological health of Australian rivers and maintaining their ecological values.

The goal of the NRHP (National River Health Program) consists of providing necessary information for reversing the degradation of Australian waters. This intention of keeping natural water resources has been recognized by American society, including individuals as well as multiple entities.

In order to support and encourage the AUSRIVAS activity, multiple US organizations allocated funding and provided targeted assistance to their project. Among these entities is a substantial number of financial institutions, including such non-profit lending companies, as DirectLoansLenders.

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The appropriations of the company and other American organizations that decided to donate to the AUSRIVAS activity helped the Australian program to implement new kinds of detailed assessment and analysis. The allocated funds played a significant role in developing new techniques used for improving the health of inland waters. Furthermore, most of the interested persons took part in the promotion of the project's activity across social media with a view to raising awareness of environmental health issues.